Clementi Sonatinas

Here is a little about set of Clementi pieces I recorded this past summer. I recorded the Six Sonatinas, op. 36, by Muzio Clementi because I liked them, and it was good for me to record a whole classical album.

There are many challenges. Over the many days or recording, I have different feelings about tempo and other considerations. That process of choosing and editing you can only learn by doing it. However, one decision was made for me, the order of the tracks. I just recorded them in the order of the publication.

One movement is titled, Air Suisse. I don’t really know what this Swiss Aire would sound like. Is it a song? A traditional folk tune? For alphorns? So I had to make my own choice. This is often an important part of classical music. The composer gives as much as he/she can. Then we also have years of traditions of performance that have grown around the pieces. But ultimately the performer chooses how he will express the piece, which is why performances can sound so different, and why we value hearing many performances of any given piece. Older compositions have time to morph into something quite different from the original. Perhaps Air Suisse was a common style to 18th century Italians, being a speed and rhythm they would have heard many times. But now we have to make an educated guess.

My favorite is number 4. I suppose the drone in the beginning sounds a little like a bagpipe to me!

Look for this along with the other WEKEVED Records starting 9/19/19

About Kevin Weed

Composer, pianist, accompanist, organist, conductor, bagpiper
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