I am starting a “Record Label” called WEKEVED Records. I put that in quotes because most of us think of an LP label. Or even physical CDs.

Sorry this will be neither, but downloadable albums. Albums as in a collection of high quality mp3 files, like tracks on an LP, only digital. And instead of using a record or cd player, they play on a computer, phone, or other mp3 player.

But if you know (or learn) how to buy music online, and download the tracks, then you can enjoy WEKEVED Records.

I thought some of you might enjoy hearing some thoughts about the WEKEVED recordings. I’ll post some stories about why each album was recorded and what it means to me. Seven “albums” will be released on 9/19/19:

  1. Patriotic Piano
  2. Celtic Piano
  3. The 6 Clementi Sonatinas, op. 36
  4. Bagpipes at Newport Harbor High School
  5. Spontaneous Composition, 10 Improvisations
  6. Droplets – solo piano inspired by the play, “The Diviners.”
  7. My 1980 Senior Recital

Remember these are “downloads.” 

Not vinyl, nor CDs. Not yet anyway. Yes, “album” always meant an LP vinyl record in the past. Here, it is a collection of recordings usually with a common purpose or thread of thought. 

As medical records are the records of you medical history and work, WEKEVED Records are the records of my work; in a digital form for now. 

So for now, WEKEVED Records won’t play on your record player. 

Look for future stories; and new albums in the future!

About Kevin Weed

Composer, pianist, accompanist, organist, conductor, bagpiper
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1 Response to WEKEVED Records

  1. jeff rowe says:

    Kevin — this is very cool. Looking forward to listening to your compositions.


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