WEKEVED Records presents “Droplets.”
“Droplets” is a different kind of album. It is a set of improvisations on themes, moods, characters and situations presented in the play The Diviners by Jim Leonard, Jr. The thought was to give directors some incidental music to use during a production of the play.

For more information on the play, see the Sam French web site:

Here is an in-depth look at the track list for this album:

  1. Overture-Zion, Indiana; pop. 40 – An Overture is a nice way to give the audience an idea of the music, instruments, and overall sound to expect for the coming performance. Consider The Sound of Music, or Jesus Christ, Superstar. The sound of the pit orchestra of these two productions is very different. And the overture helps the audience be in tune with what is going to be heard all evening. Click here to hear this overture in a slide-show of Newport Harbor High School’s 2011 production.
  2. Amazing Grace – on the Mountain dulcimer. The script calls for this. The simple tune, on a simple instrument.
  3. The following tracks generally refer to situations and moods that happen during the play. Buddy is afraid of water, having nearly drowned at a young age. But also, he can find wells, as a diviner, and predict the rain.
  4. Morning
  5. Country Waltz
  6. Birds and Angels
  7. Rain Drops
  8. Empty
  9. Panic
  10. Storm
  11. Echoes
  12. Moonlight
  13. Strength
  14. Hymn – Shall We Gather At the River. The script calls for a group to sing this near the end of the play.
  15. Evening

So look for the release on 9/19/19.

And use the code freewekevedalbum to get a free album.

About Kevin Weed

Composer, pianist, accompanist, organist, conductor, bagpiper
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