Spontaneous Composition

This is the seventh and last of the stories about the WEKEVED Records being released on Thursday, 9/19/19.
Spontaneous Composition came about one day in August of 2012. I was feeling creative, and so set up microphones and started recording some ideas that came to mind. I did one, then another, and another. At the time it didn’t seem unusual. I do lots of improvising in different ways all the time. For church services I might improvise a prelude or postlude. For musical theater, I often improvise transitional music for scene changed. When accompanying ballet classes, it was often a simpler thing for me to improvise music to fit the various exercises, than trying to think of compositions.

So as I was playing and recording that August 1st, back in 2012, I enjoyed being able to just create compositions that could grow and develop on their own, not in reference to a dance or a play. What surprised me was that as I listened and prepared to select, edit and perhaps re-record these for some future project, I found that they were as good as I could do. There were no edits I could find to improve these tracks. And even more astonishing to me, the order seemed to be perfect. I really expected to make many changes; that these were just rough drafts. But as I listened and shared these with others, I decided to leave them as they are.
10 tracks of original music, improvised in order.

At first I called them: Improvisation 1, 2, 3 …But even I could see that distinct lack of imagination that showed. I chose the album title Spontaneous Composition. Then my brother, Keith, helped me come up with more imaginative track titles:

  1. Awake
  2. Dreaming
  3. Shadow Dance
  4. Spontaneous Combustion
  5. Burning Questions
  6. Glowing Embers
  7. Ignite a Spark
  8. Sparks Flying
  9. Stardance
  10. Moonsleep

These pieces may be worth writing out, re-recording, or even orchestrating some day. But for now, they stand as a pleasant memory of a special day. Take the time to listen even just to the one track that will be posted on the web page.

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Composer, pianist, accompanist, organist, conductor, bagpiper
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