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What can I do now?

Last night on “The President and the People” Toya Graham asked “What can I do?”
This article makes some suggestions. Continue reading

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Piano Damper Pedal

This is a tutorial on some of the special points about the use of the piano’s damper pedal. Pushing down the right pedal of a piano lifts the dampers off the strings so they ring freely. There are several points … Continue reading

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Music justifies its existence to the extent that it instills harmony in the listener and aids in comprehending the harmony of the universe. – Plato An interesting aspect of music is that it can give the listener the actual experience … Continue reading

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How Can I Keep From Singing?

   Recently, I was privileged to record an album of inspirational songs with a former student, soprano Alyssa Wills.     Here is a link for more information about the cd:    Although I am the older and more experienced musician, … Continue reading

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Joshua Bell in the subway

There is a well-circulated story about an experiment that had violinist Joshua Bell playing Bach suites in a New York subway. This got very little crowd response, and only $32, which disappointed many readers of the story. This was an interesting experiment. … Continue reading

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Music and education

Music is a primary subject. It is one of the creative areas in which people take an interest, because they like it and see it as healthy, invigorating, worthwhile, inspiring, wonderful; not because it is a step to something else. … Continue reading

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The Star Of The East

In the West there is a Bible story of wise men, magi, or kings, following the star of the East to the baby Jesus. In the East, the phrase “the star of the East” refers to the light seen in … Continue reading

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