20 Pianos in 2 min. 30 sec.

“Flurry” by Kevin Weed. Played on the 20 pianos in Pacific Symphony’s, “O.C. Can U Play?”

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Bagpipe Concerto

PianoWeed’s Youtube Channel

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Harpsichord Concerto

This piece was written to be very easy for a high school orchestra with few rehearsals.
We had beginners and advanced students for this concert; and some adults helping, too.
We are grateful to Rick Soto and Orange Coast College for the loan of the harpsichord.
Also, thanks to Ron Gagliano who rebuilt the harpsichord and moved it for the concert which included Vivaldi’s “Gloria” with the Madrigal Singers.

This piece could be performed with a keyboard, or even on piano. To program this piece, contact Kevin at www.KevinWeed.com for music.

Visit Pianoweed’s YouTube channel.

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Musical Advent Calendar-or-YuleBlog!

Complete 24 videos of this years’ Musical Advent Calendar-or-YuleBlog!

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