Celtic Piano

From WEKEVED Records, “Celtic Piano” is a solo piano album of music from Ireland and Scotland, and similarly styled tunes. I have always liked the jigs and reels, on penny whistles, fiddles and bagpipes. While I will admit that the piano lacks the lightness and charm of the traditional folk instruments, I am principally a pianist, and so I enjoy making my own piano versions of these tunes.

You will recognize the songs “May It Be” and “Into The West” from the “Lord of the Rings” movies. I have accompanied choirs many times singing beautiful arrangements of these songs.

The first tune on this album I call Winter’s Dance. It is a slip jig, in 9/8 time, traditionally a graceful, soft shoe Irish dance. This recording was made to be the correct tempo for Irish dancing.

The last song is “Song for the Mira” by Canadian songwriter, Allister MacGillivray. I was touched by the interest that Allister and his wife, Beverly showed in this recording. They collect versions of Allister’s songs from around the world and said that out of hundreds of versions, they think only 2 have been arranged for the keyboard.

The other tunes on this album are very popular songs and instrumental tunes, but in original piano solo versions.

Here is the complete track list:

  1. Winter’s Dance – by Kevin Weed
  2. Irish Reels-Music in the Glen, The Dunmore Lasses, The Banshee
  3. The Butterfly – Irish slip jig.
  4. Planxty Fanny Power – Song by the blind Irish harper, Turlough O’ Carolan.
  5. The Fields of Athenry – Pete St. John’s touching song.
  6. Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go? – Scottish air
  7. The High Reel/Star of Munster
  8. May it Be – by Enya, Nicky Ryan, and Roma Ryan, from “Lord of the Rings,”
  9. Into the West – by Annie Lennox, Fran Walsh, and Howard Shore. from “Lord of the Rings.”
  10. Londonderry Aire – famous melody used for many songs.
  11. Jigs – St. Patrick’s Day, Brian Boru’s March, Garryowen
  12. Song for the Mira – by Canadian songwriter, Allister MacGillivray.

About Kevin Weed

Composer, pianist, accompanist, organist, conductor, bagpiper
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